Preliminary Agenda

KEYNOTE: Building a High Reliability Industry

John Nance, ABC News Analyst, Patient Safety Advocate and Licensed Attorney
A pioneer and well-known advocate of using the lessons from the recent revolution in aviation safety to equally revolutionize the patient safety performance of hospitals and all of healthcare, John Nance now turns his attention to the cash transport industry. Learn More >

Building, Training, and Leading High Reliability Teams

Special Guest Speaker: Admiral Eric T. Olson, U.S. Navy (Retired)
Sometimes described as “the most important man you never heard of,” Admiral Eric Thor Olson is considered one of this century’s great military leaders and credited with developing the specialized forces that have accomplished some of the most notable military operations of the last decade, including the raid on Osama bin Laden. Learn More >

CIT Industry Perspective

Speaker: Michael Beech, EVP, Brinks
Brinks is a leader in the CIT industry globally. Hear the company’s perspective on the changing marketplace and the challenges required to meet those dynamics.

Emerging Trends in the Banking Industry

Presented by senior leaders in the banking industry, you will learn how the rapid rate of change in the traditional banking model is impacting the entire industry. Banks are closing their brick and mortar branches and replacing tellers with ITMs and ATM technology. Meanwhile, customer experience is paramount and outsourcing services are key to long term plans. Learn how smart safe technology, recyclers, etc. are impacting the business and hear firsthand from leaders in this space.

FBI Briefing

Speaker: Roy L. Lemons, Acting DAD, Branch 1, Counterintelligence Division, Federal Bureau of Investigation
Lemons will address foreign influences (primarily China) in US businesses over the last few decades and provide insight into the FBI’s new Office of Private Sector, which is the one-stop-shop for private industry looking to develop and enhance relationships with the FBI.

FinCEN Enforcement Updates

FinCEN continues to be increasing new requirements and enforcement actions for those deemed to be money transmitters. Hear firsthand from the folks at FinCEN, treasury enforcement, and a CIT carrier on the impact to your business and how to manage an appropriate program.

Federal Reserve Cash Product Office Update

Hear directly from the Federal Reserve on new and emerging activities and trends surrounding the use of cash.

Breaking the Cash Management Software Silo

Learn about emerging technology solutions that integrate cash handling machinery software into the IT systems of CIT operators and banks.

Planning for an Active Shooter Situation

A common theme among active shooters is the often meticulous effort they go through to plan their actions in order to achieve the greatest amount of destruction and mayhem. Each new tragedy reminds organizations that now is the time to get prepared. In this session, you will learn the keys to a robust training and awareness program.

Gangs and Gang Activity in the Workplace

Our presenters will provide a first-hand look at the how gangs are increasingly organizing and infiltrating business, government, military, etc. They will provide context for identification of gang members activity and prevention tips for daily use.

Today’s ATM Security Challenges

Hear what is challenging ATM security from fraud to cyber issues around the globe. What can be done and where do you turn to for help. This session will also look at some best practices in lock management and unauthorized access.

Hiring & Recruiting Assessments

Monitoring of motor vehicle records and the truck driver shortage all have impacts on our everyday business. Learn how to manage a successful ongoing assessment program.

Global Trends on Robberies, Attacks, and Crimes

Speakers: Craig Mitchell, National Security Director, Prosegur; Mikhail Eehkovets, VP Rosinkas, and others TBA
Gain global perspectives from experts in the U.S., Europe, Latin America, Australia, and Russia on the state of crime in the CIT industry.